The parent

The parent Read, in its turn helps to introduce the child to the world of books that he very will be useful in the future [].

However, to tell, and to read you to create the proper environment a cozy room with sofa or chairs with comfortable armrests possibly, pillows, plaid.

The parent and baby sitting, adult hugs and slightly clings to his child.

The parent says calm tion, a deep voice, accompanying narrative drama techniques.

In the evening you can add exciting ele cops dims, candles.

Don't be surprised if the child is asked to tell or Chi a thief him the same tale many times.

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The same

The same You can them to use, applying strategy from part III to concrete situations and to characteristics of your child or developing the own.

Train the child in missing skills, but do not wait that he will get them unconsciously or by supervision.

Some children have natural tendency to the effective to use of organizational skills, and others cannot action to vat independently.

The same situation is possible with other skills, for example reading.

Very few people from children can learn to read stoyatelno, the majority needs long training.

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Fish cutlets

Fish cutlets Garnish mashed potatoes.

Fish cutlets g of fish to wash out, separate from bones and skin, to pass via the meat grinder, to add the white loaf soaked in water and onions.

Forcemeat to salt, form cutlets and to fry them in vegetable oil.

The garnish can be any.

Vegetable dishes Mashed potatoes without milk To clear potatoes, if necessary to soak within hours for removal of excess starch to put in a pan, to fill in with the boiling water, so that water only covered potatoes.

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Tea from

Tea from For the relief of pain do sitting baths with warm weak solution furatsilina , % or with chamomile.

Traditional medicines Husk green beans is good remedy for cystitis.

Take table spoon on l of boiled water.

Insist hours.

Let the child drink Cup times in day in the form of heat.

Tea from the leaves of nettle tablespoon of tea on ml of boiling water .

Wait hour.

Let's the child drink Cup times a day.

Otitis It is the inflammation of the middle ear , which often in children at an early age up to three years.

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Evan has to see that

Evan has to see that Evan will have guaranteed personal time and space Evan can receive the mobile phone and is regular earn minutes razgovorovglava .

Development of skill of a delay of reaction Key to success The sequence is important from the very beginning.

Evan has to see that his mother seeks to discipline his younger brothers, when they speak or do that irritates him.

Otherwise it at it is put to a conclusion that the system dishonest, and will return to former behavior.

If you do not manage to cope quickly with younger children, otno sheniye to their statements in the spirit of anything terrible and expectation that the senior child will ignore them, will lead to crash.

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