They will

They will Some experiences there is time from a vra it pass to repeat and compare records of results, a floor ceremonious at different times.

They will confirm accident or regularity of results of researches.

After a prova deniye of experience can be glanced in the encyclopedia and more under robno to get acquainted with a subject issledovaniya.

vnalivayem we POUR OUT we MEASURE Ask the child that will be if to lower empty open bottle entirely under water.

It will be filled or remains empty?

A bottle it is possible on to gruzhat under water, holding different ways burn zontalno, under an inclination or vertically up mountains lyshky or down.

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What a dragon's teeth, lips, tongue, nose. Touch

What a dragon's teeth, lips, tongue, nose. Touch Path freedom is closed.

But the Breeze was tricky.

He DWI encounter on the sides of the Tongue from two sides.

Angry Language, roared with rage.

Yes late!

He could not hold Ve graters!

Look at the picture of a Dragon.

What a dragon's teeth, lips, tongue, nose.

Touch a hand to each the head of the Dragon.

Imagine that immediately after that, you got a dream and turned into a terrible Dragon.

Now your mouth is hidden proud Breeze.

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Conditionally The foodstuff possessing the high allergic activity, are called obligate obligatory food allergens.

Conditionally they can be divided into two groups products which without damage can be completely excluded from child's diet chocolate, cocoa, citrus, grenades, wild strawberry, raspberry, honey, fish, nuts, mushrooms; products, which, despite the sensibilizing ability, not are excluded completely from a diet at absence at their child individual intolerance.

As a rule, it is the hardly replaced products having high food value chicken meat, eggs, cow's milk.

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Pick up words

Pick up words WAY TOMATO To call pairs animal and subject.

Pick up words characteristics for each of the animals.

Then transfer these signs on the subject, explaining what a fantastic pre rotation happens to him.

FISH AND PEAR Fish silent, slippery, flat, shy, tail Taja, scaly.

Pear Timid pear all the time hiding behind a leaf or a tree trunk.

Slippery and tailed pear when it is taken in hand, slip and waves the tail.

Scaly pear shines, shines on the sun, it is difficult to clean, can be used as a Christmas tree the toy, it turns out gruszka toy.

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Time education

Time education Written language the spiritual language bringing into communication among themselves people on all globe.

Time education reached such level in Children's homes, a direct logical consequence there has to be a reform of all elementary school.

Our task does not include discussion of a question how to reform the lowest classes elementar ny schools according to our method; will be to tell enough that the first elementary class it is quite replaced with training of babies according to our program.

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