Infants Sunken eyes.

Infants under one year retraction of the spring.

Dry, pale, wrinkled skin.

Dark yellow urine.

When to call the doctor If the diarrhea persists more days and the child increased temperature.

If a baby.

First aid at home .

Determine the cause of the diarrhea.

Perhaps recently there were changes in the diet of the child , for example, you translated it with baby food on cow's milk or breast milk baby food, began to lure new products or given too much juice.

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Not being

Not being Not being an expert, as correctly?

but to choose advice that will help You to solve the labour ing the situation with Your child?

At the reception parents say look me Doctor, we have read so many books and articles on General research Institute with children, there all is written is quite correct.

But we neither how not exactly can find those recommendations that will be useful for us.

Tell me, what do we do Cohn particular?

The system of interaction of parents and children Special children special communication gives an opportunity to correct the negative Noah and conflict behavior of the child specifically.

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To mix, form

To mix, form To add crackers, salt, butter, a yolk and milk.

To mix, form cutlets, to roll in in a flour and to weld on couple.

Fish with vegetables in a tomato Fish fillet g, carrots piece, onion piece, a white root piece, tomatoes piece, butter tablespoon, salt, bay leaf to taste.

Fillet to wash up, cut pieces and slightly to fry in oil, to lay out in pan.

Carrots to wash up, clear, cut circles and to lay from above fishes.

To stew onion a little on oil on which fish was fried, and to lay out on carrots, from above the white root cleared and cut by rings.

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This kid in any pogo

This kid in any pogo Children were left to sit around Windows and watch to the street.

From the Windows of both children and adults often saw a boy about five years old, every day fed birds.

This kid in any pogo do standing there with a bag in the middle of the yard.

Around good boy go elk many pigeons and sparrows, crows and magpies.

As several boys school children decided to build in the yard of the hill.

They Natas Kali snow, stamped it, and filled with water.

Now in the middle of the yard was a lovely, smooth slide.

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RATIONAL RATIONAL DISTRIBUTION OF MEALS AT INSULINOTERAPIYA Three main receptions a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner on % of the general daily caloric contents of a daily diet for lunch % are allowed.

Three additional having a snack the nd breakfast, a midmorning snack and a late dinner on %.

FOOD OF CHILDREN AT RICKETS Rickets gipovitaminoz D at children of early age is characterized frustration of a calcic and phosphoric exchange which is shown violation of a kosteobrazovaniye, dysfunction of nervous system and internal bodies.

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