And it must

And it must First give the usual cheese, and then tvorog Ki with fruit additives.

Children of the first year of life it is better to give curds about industrial production with guaranteed the composition and meets all safety requirements.

And it must be not the usual cheese and the Bo more is not sold by weight, and the product manufactured specifically for power supply of small children.

To make the cheese for the child in the home does not it is recommended, as you will not be able to guarantee Mokubei wisely!

the quality and sterility.

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Murka jacket

Murka jacket The development of auditory memory Check the meanings of unknown words.

Clearly, highlighting voice sound R, repeat each Dyje words.

Then call words from memory.

Form farm norm.

Mink slide cortex.

Murka jacket burka.

Verba top hammer.

Peach thermos right.

To tolerate is to turn to return.

Worm attic drawing.

Artist Arbat watermelon.

Pocket accordion cardboard.

Potatoes okroshka accordion.

Consolidation pronunciation of the sound R in words.

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But as it is desirable

But as it is desirable But it had a bad memory on names.

The head mistress considered for the best yet not to interfere with business.

Of course, education of this child was a little randomly, and the head mistress gave excessive freedom to the spontaneous to manifestations of his mental capacities.

But as it is desirable to be education of feelings the basis for concepts, in the beginning it is necessary to learn the child to associate the speech with perceptions.

In this regard I went over with great success with normal children three periods, from.

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Enter a diet

Enter a diet The main way of treatment of a fenilketonuriya is the dietotherapy limiting receipt in an organism of protein and phenylalanine to the minimum age requirement.

Enter a diet of patients vegetables, fruit, juice, and also special lowproteinaceous products fat, bread, vermicelli on a starched basis.

MIXES FOR THE CHILDREN SUFFERING FROM MUKOVISTSIDOZ Mukovistsidoz represents a hereditary disease, in a basis which universal defeat of ekzokrinny glands lies.

Proceeds with heavy violation of functions of respiratory organs and digestive tract.

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Game consists

Game consists Edge of intermediate cubes decreases on one centimeter.

For this game also green rug from an oilcloth or a cardboard is necessary.

Game consists that the child puts cubes one on another in the descending order of their sizes, constructing a tower.

The rug is put on a floor, cubes are scattered on it.

Building a tower, the child that and business kneels, rises to the feet, etc.

Control is given by abnormality decrease of the sizes of a tower to top.

The cube which is incorrectly put is stuck out, breaks line.

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