The hammer

The hammer Saw.

In cold lies at the feet, Substitutes warm side.


It was smooth glass And under the sun comes out.


Saw us firewood could, Gets hot to white.


He is thin and skinny, But with heavy head, If a hat get boldly Not be found under hat body.

The hammer in a nail.

White blanket the earth clothed, the Sun baked blanket flowed.


Tech, tech Yes under glass lay down.


On the pavement, on the Board Write, if it's in the hand.

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The high mountains, thick

The high mountains, thick Finally, her imagination that the Pope to it will definitely be back.

the high mountains, thick forest the family lived tigers, dad, mom and the little tigrica by their names neither Loja.

Loya was carefree and happy tiger and all the day she frolicked on Sol nysca, swam in the Creek or played with the other cubs.

awnym long for far mi seas, at the foot of More other games White liked to catch butterflies, observe, as in the stream, swim, fish, and listen to the singing birds.

Another Loya loved when mother gently licked her skin before going to sleep and purred in her ear lullaby tiger song.

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I got up. Fall

I got up. Fall None of you not will manage to breathe so silently, as it.

Children with amazement exchanged glances.

To them never came to mind that silence of the baby is deeper than silence of the adult.

They almost absolutely ceased to breathe.

I got up.

Fall silently.


Leave on tiptoe and do not do noise.

Also added Here I still make some noise, but it, the baby, goes with me and not makes noise, it leaves silently!

Children smiled, they understood the truth and a joke of my words.

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They may be caused

They may be caused Arising as a result impact a wide range of reasons, speech disturbances have operas by the mechanism of formation.

Organic disorders occur in defeat me arrangements in the Central or peripheral part of ricevo machinery.

They may be caused by lack of maturity of the cortex brain; deviations in the structure and coordinated pad the voice and respiratory systems, organs articulation.

Causes injuries, poisoning, genetic, cosude simple diseases and other impacts on the biological the substrate, changing the course of the speech development.

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To baked

To baked It improves taste porridges.

Pasta is cooked in the added some salt water, postponed for a colander, wash out, add oil, mix.

Broth can be used for sauces.

Baked puddings are cooked from various grain and pasta sweet and unsweetened, with cottage cheese, meat, fruit.

For baked puddings cook viscous or friable porridge is also added by fat, eggs, vanillin.

To baked puddings give sour cream, sweet sauce, kissel, jam, fruit juice.

Cream of wheat Semolina tablespoons, water glasses, milk glasses, oil the creamy h.

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