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It often disturbs

It often disturbs There vegetative increase the temperature.

It often disturbs children adolescence and caused the peculiarities of their hormonal background.

The measurement of body temperature The normal temperature is , C, however, this conventional norm , because there are individual peculiarities of the organism .

The od tion of the child norm is the temperature of C, while another deg C.

in Addition, temperature during the day changes within the whole in the daytime.

Not the same temperature in the different parts of the body.

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They live

They live We learn to estimate efficiency Measles are years old, he studies in the eighth grade, and at it is tenyearold se stra.

They live in the basic with mother, and the father see one evening in not de lyu and in days off.

Mother works full day; it is expected that children on divide obligations for the house.

In some days Cory has to look after for the sister after school.

He blows the trumpet in ensemble and the example works but hours per week in local grocery shop, assembling carts.

Cory considers himself motivated and hardworking, but he obych ny pupil.

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