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Put drawing, ask the kid to turn

Put drawing, ask the kid to turn Then change drawing, let and the monkey does not lag behind.

In the following play time with couples of other figures.

Then with threefour figures.

Having made drawing, can ask the kid, on what it is similar.

Ask to put the figure similar to this or that subject from the available figures.

Make simple drawing pattern, ask the kid to turn away, clean also ask it to put drawing from a field same on memory.

Put drawing, ask the kid to turn away, change the provision of odes ache details.

Ask to find change.

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First of all, what

First of all, what Therefore stop to ache and begin work.

If yes, that, perhaps, you missed some important factors.

First of all, what sort support and in what volume you gave to the child last time when he coped with a task?

Vozmozh but, you as that simplified a task for it, that without realizing.

You discussed with the child prior to work that he needs to make alerted it?

Perhaps, you broke a task into some parts?

Or you allowed the child to work five minutes, and then to make break?

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So much? surprised

So much? surprised Garden of how the universe Winter this year was cold and snow, but as soon as warmed the March sun, we grandchildren Cyril and Whether Zoe go to the Botanical gardens!

This garden tell me, is a lot different planets Rose garden, Pine forest, birch grove, Magnolia Garden, Garden si Reni, Winter garden, the Carpathians, the Little Crimea.

So much?

surprised the children.

A lot, but to meet them we will gradually, first will land on one, then fly to another.

So, Kirill said, our walks are similar to interplanetary travel?

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It means that

It means that And this may negatively impact on the health and condition of the child.

Thus, when artificial feeding the mixture must adhere to the Golden mean the socalled partly free mode.

It means that you can't limit it to postpone and frequency of feeding, but you will have strictly controls its consumption Smessov FOR YOUR CHILD FROM THE FIRST MONTHS AND OLDER JUICE IS NOT LURE Juices that impose already in the first months of life no kid in addition to breast milk or art the only nutrient mixture, however lure not are considered.

Unlike cereals, vegetables, fruit and meat purees, introduction to the diet of juices not require long sory training and strict stages.

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From two to two and a half

From two to two and a half From two to two and a half years Play fingers Read the poem and show Our ducks in the morning put your fingers so that they resembled the open beak Quack quack quack quack!

Our goose pond widely open and close beak Ha ha.

ha ha!

Our gulenki top lift your hands and wave your hands Goo goo, goo goo!

Our chicken in a box knock index finger on the table, as hen's beak Ko Ko Ko Ko!

And as Peter cock back right, raise your head, hands spread them apart Early early in the morning We will sing Ku ka re ku!

wzmacnia arms like wings, and Procuratie.

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Undo baby

Undo baby When to call emergency care If after minutes after the beginning of fainting the child does not come into consciousness.

If fainting caused a serious injury head, neck or back.

First aid for the faint .

If the child dizziness , and set him bend his head so that it was between his knees.

Undo baby outfits , so it was easier to breathe.

If a child lost consciousness, put it on your back and lift your legs on see .

Do not place a pillow under his head .

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