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Game consists

Game consists Edge of intermediate cubes decreases on one centimeter.

For this game also green rug from an oilcloth or a cardboard is necessary.

Game consists that the child puts cubes one on another in the descending order of their sizes, constructing a tower.

The rug is put on a floor, cubes are scattered on it.

Building a tower, the child that and business kneels, rises to the feet, etc.

Control is given by abnormality decrease of the sizes of a tower to top.

The cube which is incorrectly put is stuck out, breaks line.

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Bowels emptied

Bowels emptied Infants appear frequent sragi tion, vomiting, sometimes in the corners of the mouth noticeable foamy allocation inflammatory secret.

This is because the children do not yet know how to produce , and the liquid comes out independently and together airfoamy mass.

Infants may bloating and the appearance of loose stools.

In children of early age of great falls the top of our heads.

Bowels emptied regularly , IU under the usual color of stool , are greenish mucous impurities.

The child may be decreased urination, and urination becomes painful.

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It is recommended

It is recommended The fatty enpit a dry dairy dietary product with high the content of fat, sufficient protein content, it is enriched with a giro and watersoluble vitamins, mineral substances.

It is recommended for children with the lowered body weight, at exhaustion, chronic diseases, not the fats which are followed by violation of assimilation, at a burn disease.

Enpit the fatfree a dietary product with high protein content, enough carbohydrates, almost not containing fat , %.

The product is enriched with vitamins and iron.

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State program

State program State program on provision of sanitary and epidemic wellbeing of whos the population of the Republic of Belarus for approved by resolution The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated .

№ .

Excerpts published Programs on vaccination of children, are given in table.


Table Some activities of the State program the sanitaryepidemic wellbeing the population of the Republic of Belarus for Name of event Ensuring annually immunization coverage against pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus not less % of children decreed groups for each the administrative territorial unit Ensuring annually immunization coverage about against rubella, measles and mumps not less than % decreed groups The expected result Reducing the incidence of disease per population whooping cough with , in to .

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It is necessary

It is necessary It is necessary to leave the children who are on the mixed feeding on day only on breast milk under a condition if it is enough of it, having reduced also the volume of feeding is up to ?


If it is not enough breast milk, dokorm in the first days it is carried out by the adapted dairy mix, is more rare the rice broth.

As a dokorm the adapted dairy mixes can be used, prepared less concentrated, than the child received to diseases ?

the standard concentration specified on a label.

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It is not necessary

It is not necessary So, our didactic material does possible selfeducation and allows to a metodicha sky education of feelings.

This education is based not on art of the teacher, but on is sung to telny system.

The teacher only shows subjects which, first, attract attention of the child, and, secondly, comprise rational gradualness of incentives.

It is not necessary to mix education of feelings with concrete concepts about environment, received at means of sense organs.

Similarly we should not identify these feelings with the nomenclature corresponding to a concrete concept, and the less with construction synthetic or abstract ideas.

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