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To the th absolutely

To the th absolutely to the rd even less valuable mossiness mushroom, valuy, russula.

to the th absolutely invaluable, seldom collected and used kozlyak, gorkushka, svinushka.

Mushrooms have to be gathered far from roads and the industrial enterprises.

Thanks to high value at the correct collecting and culinary processing they can be present at a diet of children and teenagers.

The exception is made by children till five years, and also the children and teenagers having diseases of a stomach and liver; the use of mushrooms at diseases of kidneys is not recommended with violation of their functions, at an urolithic illness.

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If the object

If the object If the foreign body is invaded by eye , try to remove it , and immediately calls the white medical emergency.

If the object is caught in the eye, big, Mestia Cup on the damaged eye, and when secure it with tape .

Healthy eyes for croute eyeball bandage or sterile napkin.

If the foreign body is small , close both eyes sterile bandage.

Blunt trauma or injury eyes Swollen and red eyelids, red con junctive etc.

First aid .

To the injured eye attach cold a heating pad or a plastic bottle with cold water.

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Toothache Give your child a special medical ring orris for teething they are sold in pharmaciesSubna pain Allow the child to chew biscuits or a crust of bread.

Before going to sleep, let your child tea spoon of honey if not allergic.

It will calm child and about legit falling asleep.

Folk remedy Put on the neck of the child of this thread yellow amber.

Toothache For toothache, you must show the child CA dentist.

Most likely, the cause of pain t is caries, which requires treatment.

First aid at home If paroxysmal pain , tooth ache from th hot and cold goes , the need for to locate mouth cold salt solution teaspoon lodges ka without a top on a water glass .

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Adult men bought

Adult men bought This subject has long been covered with dust, and even his color was impossible to recognize.

Went to the store for shopping and adults and children.

Adult men bought different tools hammers, from nimble.

Adult women chose beautiful tableware and children toys.

But no one ever even looked at the strange the subject in the corner of the shop.

This continued day after day, month after month.

And on true, could continue from year to year, if one day the store came up with a pretty little girl she could hear talking subjects.

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Wise beeches

Wise beeches Excellent afirmatsiya handy for life!

Poems from the section Leapfrog a kind of game.

the dominant logical thinking.

Tales of the wise Buki is a unique book!

It will inspire you to development and creativity!

Grandmother and grandfather are introduced grandchildren with the book man AZ Buki buninym.

Wise beeches opens up the guys a very important secret.

Oka called, the world is a mirror, which reflects the actions, words, and even the thoughts of the people!

And from this it follows that children can learn how to drive life.

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I know

I know What to do with this baby?

Some parents to re children became more calm, willing to agree with doctors and begin drug treatment.

Others, however, believe that drugs are undesirable and can cause harm, therefore refuse from their application and use various methods of education from zadabrivaniya to punishment, aimed at changing behaviour.

I know one thing the attitude of parents to the child in many ways defines what the future will develop.

Children not robots, they do not have the standard programme well th behavior.

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