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Conservation Are an example marinated fruits, berries, vegetables.

In the subsequent a pickling combination with pasteurization allowed to reduce vinegar availability that considerably improved taste of a product.

Conservation the posoly the preserving effect of chloride sodium table salt it is based that at concentration of % and more activity of the majority of microorganisms stops.

Fermentation the ambassador, close to conservation.

At a fermentation of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, apples, eggplants and other products in them occur biochemical processes as a result of which sugar pass into the dairy acid.

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Bloom dropped

Bloom dropped NEIGHBOR Sasha went to school, and behind him was walking the dog Down and, as always, carried Sashaís bag.

Sasha was proud of his dog.

No one had such smart dog!

Sasha quickly went to school, did not stop and do not looked around.

At this time came up to a Cannon, Sasha's neighbor Bear and handed the dog a bone with meat.

Bloom dropped her bag, grabbed a large bone and again went for Sasha.

And naughty Misha took sashaís bag and says to himself I Look at Sasha, when he with the bone will come in school Yes it will sit!

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At some distance

At some distance Having come to Children's home once, I saw that the teacher allowed children to take out little tables and chairs on a terrace also leads a lesson in the open air.

Some babies played on the sun, and others took seat in a circle about little tables on which lay emery and cardboard letters.

At some distance the head mistress sat, holding on a lap a long, narrow box with used up pieces of paper, and about a box the hands getting favourite tickets moved.

You not will believe the head mistress said, addressing to me but here it is already more than an hour, as it began, and all of them were not sated yet!

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Tremble leaves

Tremble leaves And, it seems, I hear music.

Tremble leaves in the wind, Buzzing bees and bees All this music in the garden For little girls!

I read impromptu.

How did you get the lyrics, grandma?

Joy and beauty!

But if I could learn!

Learn will learn!

On the lower terrace Kirill meets us.

There are so many artists!

says he, Why do they draw, grandma?

I want to hold a wonderful moment!

Can't you just take pictures?


Painting is a work of art adjust the colors on canvas, the artist expresses his feelings, his joy .

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In this case

In this case Do not surprise telno that today young people try to work in multitasks number mode!

For some temptations are too great.

In this case we have to help them to learn to operate the more effectively time.

To the senior classes many children become more skillful in a zhonglirov scientific research institutes opportunities and duties also plan the time more ef fictitiously.

If your children did not master this skill, the relations with them yet can worsen because at this age they resist lyu to by instructions of parents.

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Symptoms in infants

Symptoms in infants The doctor should be to see the child and listen to his lungs to make sure that they are not left any foreign particles .

Sometimes you have to do xray of the chest.

Symptoms in infants under one year Child chokes and can't scream.

Baby publishes whistling noises, trying coughing.

The child's face begins Sinelina body airway Symptoms in children over one year of age Suddenly while eating or playing with different mi objects strong cough , re the child's hard to breathe breathe extended, face a hundred becomes bluish.

In this case, foreign the body fell to the larynx or trachea.

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