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RATIONAL RATIONAL DISTRIBUTION OF MEALS AT INSULINOTERAPIYA Three main receptions a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner on % of the general daily caloric contents of a daily diet for lunch % are allowed.

Three additional having a snack the nd breakfast, a midmorning snack and a late dinner on %.

FOOD OF CHILDREN AT RICKETS Rickets gipovitaminoz D at children of early age is characterized frustration of a calcic and phosphoric exchange which is shown violation of a kosteobrazovaniye, dysfunction of nervous system and internal bodies.

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It is remarkable

It is remarkable It is remarkable already because represents itselfhimself a fruit efforts of the woman.

We do not know other example of pedagogical system, original already on to the systematic completeness and practical applicability which would be developed female mind and hand.

It is remarkable and as the sign of womanly love, wide social views, scientific preparation, intense and long studying of the pedagogical problems, and, above all, the richest and almost unprecedented experience of the teacher in the expert pedagogics.

Any woman who was engaged in business of zhi Montessori education of children did not bring younger age in this business so many various and rich personal resources.

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In total

In total In the course of games show to the child, what sand dry, what wet.

As the Easter cake from wet sand turns out and it is impossible from dry.

All actions surely comment words.

The more Easter cakes varied in form it will turn out, the more interestingly.

In total you will be able to do new and new formochka of plastic bottles and jars from in total on light shampoos, creams, mayonnaise, lemonade and so on, cutting off from them bottom.

Part formochek will turn out transparent, part opaque.

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Maybe mA Lis will

Maybe mA Lis will Puppies!

What is the name of cubs kitties?


What is the name of a young cow?


What is the name of the young chicken?


What is the name of young sheep?


What is the name of the young ducks?

Ducklings Now it's time to ask questions.

Maybe mA Lis will answer them?

Play on the contrary you will be called cubs, and the baby, to know who their mother, The game develops memory and speech.

Two and a half to three years Cinderella You have already told your child a tale of Cinderella?

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At more advanced

At more advanced For decoration of sandwiches oil is cooled and cut circles, shaving, spiral.

The small child can offer sandwiches in the form of the small small squares that it was convenient to it to eat them.

At more advanced age sandwiches can be done multilayered, with various spices and seasonings.

Sandwichtype weight Green oil It is good to pound small chopped fennel and spinach, salt, g shaken up butter, a little lemon acid it is possible to add parsley.

Red oil To shake up g of butter with tablespoons of tomato paste, I will merge.

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Most often

Most often Chemical shchazheniye an exception or sharp restriction flavoring irritants, table salt, sour, salty and hot dishes, seasonings, extractive substances and other products of side effect.

Thermal shchazheniye creation of optimum temperature.

Most often to sick children appoint warm food which does not irritate thermoreceptors, providing rest of a digestive tract.

On the other hand, at the lowered intestines tone which is followed by locks, appointment cold dishes on an empty stomach increases its peristaltic activity.

CONSERVATION TYPES OF CONSERVATION Drying one of the oldest methods of conservation.

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