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The parent

Read, in its turn helps to introduce the child to the world of books that he very will be useful in the future [].However, to tell, and to read you to create the proper environment a cozy room with sofa or chairs with comfortable armrests possibly, pillows, plaid.The parent and baby sitting, adult hugs and slightly clings to his child.The parent says calm tion, a deep voice, accompanying narrative drama techniques.In the evening you can add exciting ele cops dims, candles.Don't be surprised if the child is asked to tell or Chi a thief him the same tale many times.

The same

You can them to use, applying strategy from part III to concrete situations and to characteristics of your child or developing the own.Train the child in missing skills, but do not wait that he will get them unconsciously or by supervision.Some children have natural tendency to the effective to use of organizational skills, and others cannot action to vat independently.The same situation is possible with other skills, for example reading.Very few people from children can learn to read stoyatelno, the majority needs long training.

Fish cutlets

Garnish mashed potatoes.Fish cutlets g of fish to wash out, separate from bones and skin, to pass via the meat grinder, to add the white loaf soaked in water and onions.Forcemeat to salt, form cutlets and to fry them in vegetable oil.The garnish can be any.Vegetable dishes Mashed potatoes without milk To clear potatoes, if necessary to soak within hours for removal of excess starch to put in a pan, to fill in with the boiling water, so that water only covered potatoes.

Tea from

For the relief of pain do sitting baths with warm weak solution furatsilina , % or with chamomile.Traditional medicines Husk green beans is good remedy for cystitis.Take table spoon on l of boiled water.Insist hours.Let the child drink Cup times in day in the form of heat.Tea from the leaves of nettle tablespoon of tea on ml of boiling water .Wait hour.Let's the child drink Cup times a day.Otitis It is the inflammation of the middle ear , which often in children at an early age up to three years.

Evan has to see that

Evan will have guaranteed personal time and space Evan can receive the mobile phone and is regular earn minutes razgovorovglava .Development of skill of a delay of reaction Key to success The sequence is important from the very beginning.Evan has to see that his mother seeks to discipline his younger brothers, when they speak or do that irritates him.Otherwise it at it is put to a conclusion that the system dishonest, and will return to former behavior.If you do not manage to cope quickly with younger children, otno sheniye to their statements in the spirit of anything terrible and expectation that the senior child will ignore them, will lead to crash.

They will

Some experiences there is time from a vra it pass to repeat and compare records of results, a floor ceremonious at different times.They will confirm accident or regularity of results of researches.After a prova deniye of experience can be glanced in the encyclopedia and more under robno to get acquainted with a subject issledovaniya.vnalivayem we POUR OUT we MEASURE Ask the child that will be if to lower empty open bottle entirely under water.It will be filled or remains empty?A bottle it is possible on to gruzhat under water, holding different ways burn zontalno, under an inclination or vertically up mountains lyshky or down.

What a dragon's teeth, lips, tongue, nose. Touch


The foodstuff possessing the high allergic activity, are called obligate obligatory food allergens.Conditionally they can be divided into two groups products which without damage can be completely excluded from child's diet chocolate, cocoa, citrus, grenades, wild strawberry, raspberry, honey, fish, nuts, mushrooms; products, which, despite the sensibilizing ability, not are excluded completely from a diet at absence at their child individual intolerance.As a rule, it is the hardly replaced products having high food value chicken meat, eggs, cow's milk.

Pick up words

WAY TOMATO To call pairs animal and subject.Pick up words characteristics for each of the animals.Then transfer these signs on the subject, explaining what a fantastic pre rotation happens to him.FISH AND PEAR Fish silent, slippery, flat, shy, tail Taja, scaly.Pear Timid pear all the time hiding behind a leaf or a tree trunk.Slippery and tailed pear when it is taken in hand, slip and waves the tail.Scaly pear shines, shines on the sun, it is difficult to clean, can be used as a Christmas tree the toy, it turns out gruszka toy.

Time education

Written language the spiritual language bringing into communication among themselves people on all globe.Time education reached such level in Children's homes, a direct logical consequence there has to be a reform of all elementary school.Our task does not include discussion of a question how to reform the lowest classes elementar ny schools according to our method; will be to tell enough that the first elementary class it is quite replaced with training of babies according to our program.

In the second

Especially it it is important for babies, the body which have not Mature, and the risk of complications is greatest .How to protect the child from heavy consequences Viy and mitigate the course of diseases , you'll learn from this book.In the second part of the book tells about time personal symptoms of ill health that may to meet the children, their possible causes and the consequences, as well as on ways in which lane howl medical care.The same the sympto we can testify to various ailments for Example, a cough is a symptom and trachea that, and bronchitis, and asthma, whooping cough, and even Neuve I PREFACE the rose.

If you have

They were followed by release to the Warehouse shek Voskobovich and Burakov's grants of Skpadariki, Write read and others.If you have no opportunity to buy Zaytsev's Cubes or other ready grants, be not afflicted.You can make a number of simple games and grants, using skpadovy the principle.To DO to A K SKLADOVY GAMES AND GRANTS?Making games and grants for training in reading on warehouses, we dolzh ny to allocate warehouses that the child saw not only all word, but also warehouses, of which it consists.So the kid will gradually get acquainted with big to lichestvo of warehouses, will start learning them in acquaintances, and then and in the unfamiliar words.

Put drawing, ask the kid to turn

Then change drawing, let and the monkey does not lag behind.In the following play time with couples of other figures.Then with threefour figures.Having made drawing, can ask the kid, on what it is similar.Ask to put the figure similar to this or that subject from the available figures.Make simple drawing pattern, ask the kid to turn away, clean also ask it to put drawing from a field same on memory.Put drawing, ask the kid to turn away, change the provision of odes ache details.Ask to find change.

First of all, what

Therefore stop to ache and begin work.If yes, that, perhaps, you missed some important factors.First of all, what sort support and in what volume you gave to the child last time when he coped with a task?Vozmozh but, you as that simplified a task for it, that without realizing.You discussed with the child prior to work that he needs to make alerted it?Perhaps, you broke a task into some parts?Or you allowed the child to work five minutes, and then to make break?

So much? surprised

Garden of how the universe Winter this year was cold and snow, but as soon as warmed the March sun, we grandchildren Cyril and Whether Zoe go to the Botanical gardens!This garden tell me, is a lot different planets Rose garden, Pine forest, birch grove, Magnolia Garden, Garden si Reni, Winter garden, the Carpathians, the Little Crimea.So much?surprised the children.A lot, but to meet them we will gradually, first will land on one, then fly to another.So, Kirill said, our walks are similar to interplanetary travel?

It means that

And this may negatively impact on the health and condition of the child.Thus, when artificial feeding the mixture must adhere to the Golden mean the socalled partly free mode.It means that you can't limit it to postpone and frequency of feeding, but you will have strictly controls its consumption Smessov FOR YOUR CHILD FROM THE FIRST MONTHS AND OLDER JUICE IS NOT LURE Juices that impose already in the first months of life no kid in addition to breast milk or art the only nutrient mixture, however lure not are considered.Unlike cereals, vegetables, fruit and meat purees, introduction to the diet of juices not require long sory training and strict stages.

From two to two and a half

From two to two and a half years Play fingers Read the poem and show Our ducks in the morning put your fingers so that they resembled the open beak Quack quack quack quack!Our goose pond widely open and close beak Ha ha.ha ha!Our gulenki top lift your hands and wave your hands Goo goo, goo goo!Our chicken in a box knock index finger on the table, as hen's beak Ko Ko Ko Ko!And as Peter cock back right, raise your head, hands spread them apart Early early in the morning We will sing Ku ka re ku!wzmacnia arms like wings, and Procuratie.

Undo baby

When to call emergency care If after minutes after the beginning of fainting the child does not come into consciousness.If fainting caused a serious injury head, neck or back.First aid for the faint .If the child dizziness , and set him bend his head so that it was between his knees.Undo baby outfits , so it was easier to breathe.If a child lost consciousness, put it on your back and lift your legs on see .Do not place a pillow under his head .


Demoralize all pictures of Annex and speak their names, highlighting the sound With.Then put each picture under a corresponding scheme.For example sled the sound in the beginning of a word, cabbage sound in the middle of a word, under the nose is output at the end of the word.Thekremlin pronunciation With sound in phrases Clearly, highlighting sound, repeat each phrase to times a fast pace, while maintaining the volume and intelligible pronunciation.High pine.Garden bench.Steel pump.Slippery slope.

It is possible

esli the kid prefers to lie on a back, make to him the elementary mo Beale a suspended design from freely moving hanging subjects paper toys in equipment of origami, for example or pieces of cardboard with application mi.In the top part puncture a toy with a needle in the middle and pass in dy rochka thread.It is possible to take a small stick as a basis of a mobile, by which ends at threads, on each of which, in turn, on one stick are knitted.On the ends of the last you will also hang up your handmade articles.A design follows it is good to counterbalance.

And it must

First give the usual cheese, and then tvorog Ki with fruit additives.Children of the first year of life it is better to give curds about industrial production with guaranteed the composition and meets all safety requirements.And it must be not the usual cheese and the Bo more is not sold by weight, and the product manufactured specifically for power supply of small children.To make the cheese for the child in the home does not it is recommended, as you will not be able to guarantee Mokubei wisely!the quality and sterility.

Murka jacket

The development of auditory memory Check the meanings of unknown words.Clearly, highlighting voice sound R, repeat each Dyje words.Then call words from memory.Form farm norm.Mink slide cortex.Murka jacket burka.Verba top hammer.Peach thermos right.To tolerate is to turn to return.Worm attic drawing.Artist Arbat watermelon.Pocket accordion cardboard.Potatoes okroshka accordion.Consolidation pronunciation of the sound R in words.

But as it is desirable

But it had a bad memory on names.The head mistress considered for the best yet not to interfere with business.Of course, education of this child was a little randomly, and the head mistress gave excessive freedom to the spontaneous to manifestations of his mental capacities.But as it is desirable to be education of feelings the basis for concepts, in the beginning it is necessary to learn the child to associate the speech with perceptions.In this regard I went over with great success with normal children three periods, from.

Enter a diet

The main way of treatment of a fenilketonuriya is the dietotherapy limiting receipt in an organism of protein and phenylalanine to the minimum age requirement.Enter a diet of patients vegetables, fruit, juice, and also special lowproteinaceous products fat, bread, vermicelli on a starched basis.MIXES FOR THE CHILDREN SUFFERING FROM MUKOVISTSIDOZ Mukovistsidoz represents a hereditary disease, in a basis which universal defeat of ekzokrinny glands lies.Proceeds with heavy violation of functions of respiratory organs and digestive tract.

Game consists

Edge of intermediate cubes decreases on one centimeter.For this game also green rug from an oilcloth or a cardboard is necessary.Game consists that the child puts cubes one on another in the descending order of their sizes, constructing a tower.The rug is put on a floor, cubes are scattered on it.Building a tower, the child that and business kneels, rises to the feet, etc.Control is given by abnormality decrease of the sizes of a tower to top.The cube which is incorrectly put is stuck out, breaks line.

Bowels emptied

Infants appear frequent sragi tion, vomiting, sometimes in the corners of the mouth noticeable foamy allocation inflammatory secret.This is because the children do not yet know how to produce , and the liquid comes out independently and together airfoamy mass.Infants may bloating and the appearance of loose stools.In children of early age of great falls the top of our heads.Bowels emptied regularly , IU under the usual color of stool , are greenish mucous impurities.The child may be decreased urination, and urination becomes painful.

It is recommended

The fatty enpit a dry dairy dietary product with high the content of fat, sufficient protein content, it is enriched with a giro and watersoluble vitamins, mineral substances.It is recommended for children with the lowered body weight, at exhaustion, chronic diseases, not the fats which are followed by violation of assimilation, at a burn disease.Enpit the fatfree a dietary product with high protein content, enough carbohydrates, almost not containing fat , %.The product is enriched with vitamins and iron.

State program

State program on provision of sanitary and epidemic wellbeing of whos the population of the Republic of Belarus for approved by resolution The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated .№ .Excerpts published Programs on vaccination of children, are given in table..Table Some activities of the State program the sanitaryepidemic wellbeing the population of the Republic of Belarus for Name of event Ensuring annually immunization coverage against pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus not less % of children decreed groups for each the administrative territorial unit Ensuring annually immunization coverage about against rubella, measles and mumps not less than % decreed groups The expected result Reducing the incidence of disease per population whooping cough with , in to .

It is necessary

It is necessary to leave the children who are on the mixed feeding on day only on breast milk under a condition if it is enough of it, having reduced also the volume of feeding is up to ?.If it is not enough breast milk, dokorm in the first days it is carried out by the adapted dairy mix, is more rare the rice broth.As a dokorm the adapted dairy mixes can be used, prepared less concentrated, than the child received to diseases ?the standard concentration specified on a label.

It is not necessary

So, our didactic material does possible selfeducation and allows to a metodicha sky education of feelings.This education is based not on art of the teacher, but on is sung to telny system.The teacher only shows subjects which, first, attract attention of the child, and, secondly, comprise rational gradualness of incentives.It is not necessary to mix education of feelings with concrete concepts about environment, received at means of sense organs.Similarly we should not identify these feelings with the nomenclature corresponding to a concrete concept, and the less with construction synthetic or abstract ideas.

To the th absolutely

to the rd even less valuable mossiness mushroom, valuy, russula.to the th absolutely invaluable, seldom collected and used kozlyak, gorkushka, svinushka.Mushrooms have to be gathered far from roads and the industrial enterprises.Thanks to high value at the correct collecting and culinary processing they can be present at a diet of children and teenagers.The exception is made by children till five years, and also the children and teenagers having diseases of a stomach and liver; the use of mushrooms at diseases of kidneys is not recommended with violation of their functions, at an urolithic illness.

If the object

If the foreign body is invaded by eye , try to remove it , and immediately calls the white medical emergency.If the object is caught in the eye, big, Mestia Cup on the damaged eye, and when secure it with tape .Healthy eyes for croute eyeball bandage or sterile napkin.If the foreign body is small , close both eyes sterile bandage.Blunt trauma or injury eyes Swollen and red eyelids, red con junctive etc.First aid .To the injured eye attach cold a heating pad or a plastic bottle with cold water.


Give your child a special medical ring orris for teething they are sold in pharmaciesSubna pain Allow the child to chew biscuits or a crust of bread.Before going to sleep, let your child tea spoon of honey if not allergic.It will calm child and about legit falling asleep.Folk remedy Put on the neck of the child of this thread yellow amber.Toothache For toothache, you must show the child CA dentist.Most likely, the cause of pain t is caries, which requires treatment.First aid at home If paroxysmal pain , tooth ache from th hot and cold goes , the need for to locate mouth cold salt solution teaspoon lodges ka without a top on a water glass .

Adult men bought

This subject has long been covered with dust, and even his color was impossible to recognize.Went to the store for shopping and adults and children.Adult men bought different tools hammers, from nimble.Adult women chose beautiful tableware and children toys.But no one ever even looked at the strange the subject in the corner of the shop.This continued day after day, month after month.And on true, could continue from year to year, if one day the store came up with a pretty little girl she could hear talking subjects.

Wise beeches

Excellent afirmatsiya handy for life!Poems from the section Leapfrog a kind of game.the dominant logical thinking.Tales of the wise Buki is a unique book!It will inspire you to development and creativity!Grandmother and grandfather are introduced grandchildren with the book man AZ Buki buninym.Wise beeches opens up the guys a very important secret.Oka called, the world is a mirror, which reflects the actions, words, and even the thoughts of the people!And from this it follows that children can learn how to drive life.

I know

What to do with this baby?Some parents to re children became more calm, willing to agree with doctors and begin drug treatment.Others, however, believe that drugs are undesirable and can cause harm, therefore refuse from their application and use various methods of education from zadabrivaniya to punishment, aimed at changing behaviour.I know one thing the attitude of parents to the child in many ways defines what the future will develop.Children not robots, they do not have the standard programme well th behavior.


Are an example marinated fruits, berries, vegetables.In the subsequent a pickling combination with pasteurization allowed to reduce vinegar availability that considerably improved taste of a product.Conservation the posoly the preserving effect of chloride sodium table salt it is based that at concentration of % and more activity of the majority of microorganisms stops.Fermentation the ambassador, close to conservation.At a fermentation of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, apples, eggplants and other products in them occur biochemical processes as a result of which sugar pass into the dairy acid.

Bloom dropped

NEIGHBOR Sasha went to school, and behind him was walking the dog Down and, as always, carried Sashaís bag.Sasha was proud of his dog.No one had such smart dog!Sasha quickly went to school, did not stop and do not looked around.At this time came up to a Cannon, Sasha's neighbor Bear and handed the dog a bone with meat.Bloom dropped her bag, grabbed a large bone and again went for Sasha.And naughty Misha took sashaís bag and says to himself I Look at Sasha, when he with the bone will come in school Yes it will sit!

At some distance

Having come to Children's home once, I saw that the teacher allowed children to take out little tables and chairs on a terrace also leads a lesson in the open air.Some babies played on the sun, and others took seat in a circle about little tables on which lay emery and cardboard letters.At some distance the head mistress sat, holding on a lap a long, narrow box with used up pieces of paper, and about a box the hands getting favourite tickets moved.You not will believe the head mistress said, addressing to me but here it is already more than an hour, as it began, and all of them were not sated yet!

Tremble leaves

And, it seems, I hear music.Tremble leaves in the wind, Buzzing bees and bees All this music in the garden For little girls!I read impromptu.How did you get the lyrics, grandma?Joy and beauty!But if I could learn!Learn will learn!On the lower terrace Kirill meets us.There are so many artists!says he, Why do they draw, grandma?I want to hold a wonderful moment!Can't you just take pictures?!Painting is a work of art adjust the colors on canvas, the artist expresses his feelings, his joy .

In this case

Do not surprise telno that today young people try to work in multitasks number mode!For some temptations are too great.In this case we have to help them to learn to operate the more effectively time.To the senior classes many children become more skillful in a zhonglirov scientific research institutes opportunities and duties also plan the time more ef fictitiously.If your children did not master this skill, the relations with them yet can worsen because at this age they resist lyu to by instructions of parents.

Symptoms in infants

The doctor should be to see the child and listen to his lungs to make sure that they are not left any foreign particles .Sometimes you have to do xray of the chest.Symptoms in infants under one year Child chokes and can't scream.Baby publishes whistling noises, trying coughing.The child's face begins Sinelina body airway Symptoms in children over one year of age Suddenly while eating or playing with different mi objects strong cough , re the child's hard to breathe breathe extended, face a hundred becomes bluish.In this case, foreign the body fell to the larynx or trachea.

We look

New year one of the most favourite holidays.We look forward to it, because New year at carries to the house fun, good mood and, of course, on darka.Especially our children wait for gifts.For certain, and you plan to give any gift to the kid.What to buy?This question excites many parents.In the house so many plush animals already accumulated and wave NOC, though to the kid only a year or two!What to present, that the gift brought to the child not only joy, but also advantage.


The formation of skills of a sound analysis Take images with sounds CAMPING and Y in the titles of Annexes and , turn them, and mix.Put up a character sounds CAMPING and Method of Application .Take CT the pictures one by one and baggage next to the icon.What sound CAMPING or Shch who hid in every word.Differentiation of sounds CAMPING Y in phrases the rhymes Looking at the pictures of characters, call the sound CAMPING or Shch, hidden in each the word.Clearly speak a couple of words, check their meaning.

About the technical

Even at the best of methods, expediency of reading and the letter before six years it is called in question.Our conscious life and so too a knizhna, would also be blagorazum it to delay training in the diploma to that age when normal interest in it wakes up; and then it is necessary to conduct this training carefully and gradualness.About the technical advantages of system of Montessori in training in reading and the letter there can hardly be a dispute.Children learn quite to own a pencil thanks to the exercises causing idle time, but allconsuming interest; and if the child does not learn to write with the movement of a hand, it is necessary to dovolstovatsya by that it is dexterous, accurately and beautifully removes handwritten letters.

The hammer

Saw.In cold lies at the feet, Substitutes warm side.Warmer.It was smooth glass And under the sun comes out.Ice.Saw us firewood could, Gets hot to white.Saw.He is thin and skinny, But with heavy head, If a hat get boldly Not be found under hat body.The hammer in a nail.White blanket the earth clothed, the Sun baked blanket flowed.Snow.Tech, tech Yes under glass lay down.River.On the pavement, on the Board Write, if it's in the hand.

The high mountains, thick

Finally, her imagination that the Pope to it will definitely be back.the high mountains, thick forest the family lived tigers, dad, mom and the little tigrica by their names neither Loja.Loya was carefree and happy tiger and all the day she frolicked on Sol nysca, swam in the Creek or played with the other cubs.awnym long for far mi seas, at the foot of More other games White liked to catch butterflies, observe, as in the stream, swim, fish, and listen to the singing birds.Another Loya loved when mother gently licked her skin before going to sleep and purred in her ear lullaby tiger song.

I got up. Fall

They may be caused

Arising as a result impact a wide range of reasons, speech disturbances have operas by the mechanism of formation.Organic disorders occur in defeat me arrangements in the Central or peripheral part of ricevo machinery.They may be caused by lack of maturity of the cortex brain; deviations in the structure and coordinated pad the voice and respiratory systems, organs articulation.Causes injuries, poisoning, genetic, cosude simple diseases and other impacts on the biological the substrate, changing the course of the speech development.

To baked

It improves taste porridges.Pasta is cooked in the added some salt water, postponed for a colander, wash out, add oil, mix.Broth can be used for sauces.Baked puddings are cooked from various grain and pasta sweet and unsweetened, with cottage cheese, meat, fruit.For baked puddings cook viscous or friable porridge is also added by fat, eggs, vanillin.To baked puddings give sour cream, sweet sauce, kissel, jam, fruit juice.Cream of wheat Semolina tablespoons, water glasses, milk glasses, oil the creamy h.


Sunken eyes.Infants under one year retraction of the spring.Dry, pale, wrinkled skin.Dark yellow urine.When to call the doctor If the diarrhea persists more days and the child increased temperature.If a baby.First aid at home .Determine the cause of the diarrhea.Perhaps recently there were changes in the diet of the child , for example, you translated it with baby food on cow's milk or breast milk baby food, began to lure new products or given too much juice.

Not being

Not being an expert, as correctly?but to choose advice that will help You to solve the labour ing the situation with Your child?At the reception parents say look me Doctor, we have read so many books and articles on General research Institute with children, there all is written is quite correct.But we neither how not exactly can find those recommendations that will be useful for us.Tell me, what do we do Cohn particular?The system of interaction of parents and children Special children special communication gives an opportunity to correct the negative Noah and conflict behavior of the child specifically.

To mix, form

To add crackers, salt, butter, a yolk and milk.To mix, form cutlets, to roll in in a flour and to weld on couple.Fish with vegetables in a tomato Fish fillet g, carrots piece, onion piece, a white root piece, tomatoes piece, butter tablespoon, salt, bay leaf to taste.Fillet to wash up, cut pieces and slightly to fry in oil, to lay out in pan.Carrots to wash up, clear, cut circles and to lay from above fishes.To stew onion a little on oil on which fish was fried, and to lay out on carrots, from above the white root cleared and cut by rings.

This kid in any pogo

Children were left to sit around Windows and watch to the street.From the Windows of both children and adults often saw a boy about five years old, every day fed birds.This kid in any pogo do standing there with a bag in the middle of the yard.Around good boy go elk many pigeons and sparrows, crows and magpies.As several boys school children decided to build in the yard of the hill.They Natas Kali snow, stamped it, and filled with water.Now in the middle of the yard was a lovely, smooth slide.


RATIONAL DISTRIBUTION OF MEALS AT INSULINOTERAPIYA Three main receptions a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner on % of the general daily caloric contents of a daily diet for lunch % are allowed.Three additional having a snack the nd breakfast, a midmorning snack and a late dinner on %.FOOD OF CHILDREN AT RICKETS Rickets gipovitaminoz D at children of early age is characterized frustration of a calcic and phosphoric exchange which is shown violation of a kosteobrazovaniye, dysfunction of nervous system and internal bodies.

It is remarkable

It is remarkable already because represents itselfhimself a fruit efforts of the woman.We do not know other example of pedagogical system, original already on to the systematic completeness and practical applicability which would be developed female mind and hand.It is remarkable and as the sign of womanly love, wide social views, scientific preparation, intense and long studying of the pedagogical problems, and, above all, the richest and almost unprecedented experience of the teacher in the expert pedagogics.Any woman who was engaged in business of zhi Montessori education of children did not bring younger age in this business so many various and rich personal resources.

In total

In the course of games show to the child, what sand dry, what wet.As the Easter cake from wet sand turns out and it is impossible from dry.All actions surely comment words.The more Easter cakes varied in form it will turn out, the more interestingly.In total you will be able to do new and new formochka of plastic bottles and jars from in total on light shampoos, creams, mayonnaise, lemonade and so on, cutting off from them bottom.Part formochek will turn out transparent, part opaque.

Maybe mA Lis will

Puppies!What is the name of cubs kitties?Kittens!What is the name of a young cow?Calves!What is the name of the young chicken?Chickens!What is the name of young sheep?Lambs!What is the name of the young ducks?Ducklings Now it's time to ask questions.Maybe mA Lis will answer them?Play on the contrary you will be called cubs, and the baby, to know who their mother, The game develops memory and speech.Two and a half to three years Cinderella You have already told your child a tale of Cinderella?

At more advanced

For decoration of sandwiches oil is cooled and cut circles, shaving, spiral.The small child can offer sandwiches in the form of the small small squares that it was convenient to it to eat them.At more advanced age sandwiches can be done multilayered, with various spices and seasonings.Sandwichtype weight Green oil It is good to pound small chopped fennel and spinach, salt, g shaken up butter, a little lemon acid it is possible to add parsley.Red oil To shake up g of butter with tablespoons of tomato paste, I will merge.

Most often

Chemical shchazheniye an exception or sharp restriction flavoring irritants, table salt, sour, salty and hot dishes, seasonings, extractive substances and other products of side effect.Thermal shchazheniye creation of optimum temperature.Most often to sick children appoint warm food which does not irritate thermoreceptors, providing rest of a digestive tract.On the other hand, at the lowered intestines tone which is followed by locks, appointment cold dishes on an empty stomach increases its peristaltic activity.CONSERVATION TYPES OF CONSERVATION Drying one of the oldest methods of conservation.

It often disturbs

There vegetative increase the temperature.It often disturbs children adolescence and caused the peculiarities of their hormonal background.The measurement of body temperature The normal temperature is , C, however, this conventional norm , because there are individual peculiarities of the organism .The od tion of the child norm is the temperature of C, while another deg C.in Addition, temperature during the day changes within the whole in the daytime.Not the same temperature in the different parts of the body.

They live

We learn to estimate efficiency Measles are years old, he studies in the eighth grade, and at it is tenyearold se stra.They live in the basic with mother, and the father see one evening in not de lyu and in days off.Mother works full day; it is expected that children on divide obligations for the house.In some days Cory has to look after for the sister after school.He blows the trumpet in ensemble and the example works but hours per week in local grocery shop, assembling carts.Cory considers himself motivated and hardworking, but he obych ny pupil.


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